Clinical Debt Collection

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Referring Your Outstanding Debt

Clinical Debt Collection are a CSA regulated business that provide a specialist collection service for outstanding debts of greater than 90 days.

We offer this service exclusively to Private Hospitals, Consultants, Physiotherapists, Nurses, dieticians – and any healthcare professional working within the private sector.

Clinical Debt Collection never “buy” the debts, and all money collected is passed directly to the healthcare professional or organisation.

Data Security

Clinical Debt Collection provide a unique integrated referral service through the DGL online environment, providing full transparency of the collection process. We can receive automatic and secure data transfer that is fully integrated with your system, all at the click of a button.

All data remains with the secure DGL environment, and our seamless secure data integration means that the systems automatically updates to record and map any payments received – either at your end, or ours. 

Simple Process

Simply call us to receive your unique ID code, agree billing terms, and it is as simple as clicking a button. 

DGL can automatically refer outstanding debts to us when they reach a certain date. You are fully in control of the debts that you pass over and can choose to automatically send all your patients at 90-360 days. 

Alternatively, pick and choose which patient to refer from the list that DGL automatically generates. 

Your Patient Is In Safe Hands

Within private healthcare there can be challenges surrounding getting paid, whether by individual patients or medical insurers.

Medical Management Services has formal structures and procedures in place to provide a robust and highly-efficient service to manage unpaid invoices; we have a collection success rate of over 80%.

Clinical Debt Collection work fully within the guidelines drawn out by the CSA, and the OFT. 

In addition we carry an ethos and determination to treat your patients with the respect they deserve, without compromising on the collection of bills . We will seek to collect your outstanding payments, in a fair, professional and appropriate manner.

Achieving Results

At Clinical Debt Collection we pride ourselves in achieving results and also in the manner that we go about it. 

Through mediation, dispute resolution, agreement of payment terms, or as a last resort through the legal system – we will use every effort to ensure that your fees are collected. Within our standard practice we have less than 1% write off.

  • We have a specialist team to chase payments to ensure optimum payment times, resolving any issues and keeping credit control to its most efficient
  • We carry an ethos and determination to treat your patients with the respect they deserve, without compromising on the collection of bills
  • We charge only on moneys reconciled and collected, ensuring you only pay for the success of our service


  • “We have been using the services of Clinical Debt Collection since they launched the service in early 2013, we have found them to be extremely reliable and efficient. The way in which Clinical Debt Collection works allows us to refer our outstanding debts with a few clicks, saving us time, effort and printing costs. Clinical Debt Collection have managed to collect debts that other collection agencies have been unable to recover. The team have a friendly, professional approach and are always a pleasure to deal with. We are very pleased with their services

    London Bridge Urology,