“Finding the right support for your private practice can be difficult and I have been extremely fortunate to have been involved with MMS for the last 4 Years.  After careful consideration I chose to work with MMS and I have found my private practice to have taken off significantly and this has happened with the reassurance that my practice is being well managed and my patients are being attended to in an efficient and polite manner.  As a result of my experiences I have recommended MMS to all my colleagues and it is a testament to the company that almost

Mr Ian Jenkins, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

“…In short, MMS are now an integral part of my practice team, and in no small part I credit them for helping my practice grow.”

Mr Adil Ajuied, Consultant Specialist Knee Surgeon

“We are very happy to trust them both with our finances and with our patients.”

Mr Windsor, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

“Medical Management Services will probably find themselves more in demand than ever as people realise the benefits of a paperless practice.”

Mr Bhupal Chitnavis, Consultant Neurosurgeon

“When I was starting to develop my private practice, I asked colleagues how would be the best way about setting it up and they without reservation told me I should contact Medical Management Services.”

Joanna Franks, Consultant Breast Surgeon

“After researching and meeting billing companies, I teamed up with MMS. I have now been with them for 5 years, and have found them to be tremendously effective. Their systems integrate directly into my cloud based practice management software, and they run real time invoicing with every episode being invoiced within 24hrs and often even faster. Other services they offer that I have found very helpful, include account reconciliation, debt management, Embassy liaison, and fee consulting, not to mention handling all PMI queries and challenges.”

Mr Adil Ajuied, Consultant Specialist Knee Surgeon

“When you are running what you hope is a very busy practice, this is just such a huge help.”

Countess Penny Law, Consultant Surgeon and Obstetrician

“I have been using Medical Management Services to do my surgical billing for some months, and have found them to be extremely reliable and efficient. They liaise with my secretary, patients and insurance companies, saving a great deal of time and effort. They are also extremely effective in chasing up late payers. I am very pleased with their services to date.”

Mr B. Little, Consultant Surgeon

“At all times you have engaged with (the Consultants). They found your services valuable to their practices. Medical Management Services have demonstrated strong organisational and management skills as well as providing insight into the PMI and Embassy approach to Consultants arrangements.”

A Barker, Corporate Services Director, The London Clinic

“We have been using the services of Clinical Debt Collection since they launched the service in early 2013, we have found them to be extremely reliable and efficient. The way in which Clinical Debt Collection works allows us to refer our outstanding debts with a few clicks, saving us time, effort and printing costs. Clinical Debt Collection have managed to collect debts that other collection agencies have been unable to recover. The team have a friendly, professional approach and are always a pleasure to deal with. We are very pleased with their services

London Bridge Urology,