Medical Billing Offer and Invoicing Software

Recieve up to 25% off your medical billing fees*

We are offering consultants an exclusive discount of up to 25% off our billing fees* for new consultants that want to use Medical Manager as a billing service. Fill in the form to receive a personal quote from a member of the team.

“After researching and meeting billing companies, I teamed up with MMS. I have now been with them for 5 years, and have found them to be tremendously effective. Their systems integrate directly into my cloud based practice management software, and they run real time invoicing with every episode being invoiced within 24hrs and often even faster.”

Mr Adil Ajuied, Consultant Specialist Knee Surgeon

Medical Management Services has years of expertise and experience in medical billing and collections in the private healthcare sector. We efficiently and effectively manage your billing from invoicing to payment, ensuring prompt payment in line with your fee schedule.

Some of the key benefits we provide our customers are:

  • Full seamless medical billing process from invoice through to chasing debt
  • Increase cash flow and revenue
  • Professional, experienced billing and collections team
  • Tailored service to match your needs and requirements
  • A separation between the financial and medical sides
  • Fee applied only on invoices collected, not invoices raised
  • Chase your aged debt at the same fee we collect new invoices
  • Easy management for DGL customers requiring no extra data entry

*Terms and conditions apply