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Medical Billing - and More

Our core business means that we work with private consultants to ensure that they receive the appropriate payments for the consultations and procedures that they carry out. This work starts with mapping your fee schedule on a per code/per insurer level and works through to managing your remittances and chasing late payers.

In essence we provide a complete medical billing service. We raise over 75,000 invoices every year – and each of them are tailored to the specific consultant and patients requirements.

Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?

With all the changes to medical practice, it’s becoming increasingly important for private medical practices to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible, yet still deliver the same high standards of care that patients demand.

Outsourcing the medical billing in this way allows you to be confident that your fee’s are collected regularly and efficiently by specialist staff. This improves cashflow and reduces bad debt levels whilst also keeping the patient – doctor relationship separate from what can sometimes be the awkward issue of chasing monies owed. It allows your secretary to concentrate on running and developing your practice.

​Efficiency. Emphasised.

The heart of our business is built around using technology to enhance efficiencies. Through secure Integration into a leading practice management system, DGL, we can run invoicing directly so there is no need for additional data entry.

Our invoicing routinely occurs within 2 working days of any procedures or consultation.

No need to text, email or post clinic lists. We help you:

  • Maintain a clinical relationship with your patients
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce your outstanding payments
  • Reduce your non clinical administration time

Reviews From Clients

  • “I have been using Medical Management Services to do my surgical billing for some months, and have found them to be extremely reliable and efficient. They liaise with my secretary, patients and insurance companies, saving a great deal of time and effort. They are also extremely effective in chasing up late payers. I am very pleased with their services to date.”

    Mr B. Little, Consultant Surgeon

  • “At all times you have engaged with (the Consultants). They found your services valuable to their practices. Medical Management Services have demonstrated strong organisational and management skills as well as providing insight into the PMI and Embassy approach to Consultants arrangements.”

    A Barker, Corporate Services Director, The London Clinic