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Professional Medical Management Services are more than just another medical billing company. Our core business means that we work with private consultants to ensure that they receive the appropriate payments for the consultations and procedures that they carry out. This work starts with mapping your fee schedule on a per code/per insurer level and works through to managing your remittances and chasing late payers.

In essence we provide a complete medical billing service. We raise over 75,000 invoices every year – and each of them are tailored to the specific consultant and patients requirements.

However – We pride ourselves in offering a service that is more than just medical billing. In January 2013 we launched our industry leading debt collection service in conjunction with DGL and in October introduced our secretarial team. New services include consultancy, training, book keeping and marketing work.



Why Outsource your Medical Billing?

Outsourcing the medical billing in this way allows you to be confident that your fee’s are collected regularly and efficiently by specialist staff. This  improves cashflow and reduces bad debt levels whilst also keeping the patient – doctor relationship separate from what can sometimes be the awkward issue of chasing monies owed. It allows your secretary to concentrate on running and developing your practice.

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